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Learn about your rights and how to access the benefits and services you’re entitled to.

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SSI & Section 1619(b) Medicaid

In New York, SSI recipients automatically qualify for Medicaid. This document provides information on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and Section 1619(b) Medicaid in New York State. It outlines the criteria for individuals to automatically qualify for Medicaid if they receive SSI and explains how former SSI recipients can retain Medicaid even if their SSI payments were stopped due to earned income.

SSI Exclusions: Blind Work Expenses

Blind work expenses are an SSI Earned Income Exclusion. Learn about the rules and most common expenses.

Benefits Advisement Services for ACCES-VR Consumers

Vocational rehabilitation organizations pay for services to augment the other benefits advisement services that NLS provides. New York State Adult Career and Continuing Educational Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) funding of benefits advisement services is a key part of the benefits advisement continuum and directly supports the beneficiary’s move to a work goal.

How NLS Works

We provide free legal services to individuals who qualify based on our funders’ eligibility criteria. Some of our services are free for everyone.

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