NLS Navigator Program Helps Clients Who Need Health Insurance

Neighborhood Legal Service’s Navigators provide one-on-one assistance to families and individuals seeking to enroll in health insurance through the NYSoH Marketplace (New York Health Benefit Exchange).

NLS Navigators provide education about the different types of health insurance plans offered through the marketplace and assist with enrollment into both public insurance programs and private qualified health plans. NLS Navigators provide options in a fair, accurate, impartial and linguistically appropriate manner to diversified community members.

To speak to an NLS Navigator, call 716-847-0650.

Two Letters From NLS Clients Who Needed Health Insurance

As a result of Covid pandemic, I lost my job last year (2020).  With that, my health insurance ran out as of 12/31/2020.  Being on unemployment, struggling to find a job and without health insurance was a position I never thought I would be in.  A good friend was in the same spot and he gave me the number of T.L.  with high praise of her.  So, I called her on 2/10/2021 (or around that day) and he was right, it was one of the best calls I have ever had with some one helping me.  T.L. was professional, informative, helpful, and super NICE.  She walked me through the process and did everything for me.  100% indebted to her – 100% satisfied – Thank you Tina!

Health insurance is very important to us all, especially when unemployed.  My main concern was not being able to afford or even have health insurance at all.  Since I have a pre-existing condition my meds cost $300.00 each without insurance, is very stressful.  I did not know what to expect when I called T.L. but my fears were soon put to rest by what she had to say.  Not only did I qualify for health insurance, get to choose what provider I wanted, but my prescriptions were also taken care of.  T.L. did it all over the phone, making sure it was all done right, which was a huge burden off me.  She even followed up with a call a couple of days later, just awesome!!  “Relieved” is the word I would best describe how I feel.  Could not have done it without T.L.’s help and for that I am truly grateful.

Give her a raise!

Yours truly,



My experience was not pleasant until I contacted Neighborhood Legal Services and Navigator A.V.  Ms. V was able to help me resolve and ultimately get me my tax credit.  Due to my 2019 taxes not being accepted by the government yet, it was very problematic going thru the system online and over the phone.  Ms. V was able to resolve my issues.

I was having great difficulty applying for my tax credit through the Marketplace.  Two issues were; my 2019 tax return hadn’t been accepted and updating a huge (recent) loss of income.  I tried, unsuccessfully, going through New York State of Health online and phone applications.  Nothing worked and my husband and I were having to spend so much money paying full price for my insurance.  I reached out to Neighborhood Legal Services and A.V. worked tirelessly to help me.  She was able to get the problem fixed and get my tax credit.  Thanks to her hard work, I now have affordable health insurance.  I’m so relieved, I cannot find words!!  Having access to a service like Neighborhood Legal Services is a huge blessing to me and A.V. was wonderful to work with! A.V. thank you again, you’ve made a huge impact on my life! E.S.