NLS in the News

WGRZ (4/24/21)

NLS participates in clinic to expunge low-level marijuana convictions.

WIVB (2/3/21)

Grace Andriette discusses the COVID eviction moratorium with Al Vaughters.

WBFO Morning Edition (1/29/21)

Grace Andriette explains that New York State extended the COVID eviction moratorium to May 1, 2021.

WGRZ/Investigative Post (1/27/21)

Grace Andriette discusses new Buffalo Lead Paint initiative.

Buffalo News (9/24/20)

Grace Andriette comments on lead paint laws for a column by Rod Watson.

Buffalo News (9/11/20)

Letter to the Editor by Penny Selmonsky explaining that NLS offers free and confidential guidance to persons in need of health insurance through the New York State of Health Marketplace, which can be especially complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WKBW (9/9/2020)

Katelyn Niedermier explains no evictions are currently allowed in New York State.

Buffalo News (8/11/20)      WIVB (8/13/20) 

Matt Finamore discusses a case he referred to the New York State Attorney General that forced a notorious landlord couple to give up their rights to nearly 30 residential properties in Niagara Falls.

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (07/28/2020)

Katelyn Nierdemier discusses COVID-related rent relief program and the cut-off for applying.

WBFO (06/17/2020)

Because of the delays in processing applications for unemployment benefits, many applicants receive retroactive benefits as a lump sum. Diane Proske describes the impact of the lump sum on household receiving public assistance benefits.

Channel 4 (WIVB) (06/14/2020)

Channel 4 covers Neighborhood Legal Services efforts to help those who have lost health benefits during COVID-19 pandemic.

WBEN 930 (06/08/2020)

WBEN 930 includes Neighborhood Legal Services in its Buffalo Business Report.

The Buffalo News (05/11/2020)

Buffalo News story about tenants who face eviction threats amid loss of income from COVID-19 pandemic.  Grace Andriette addresses landlord “self-help” remedies stating:  “Anyone who’s been a landlord for a while knows they’re not appropriate. You don’t shut the furnace off on a family with young children, or turn off the lights.”

The Buffalo News (03/24/2020)

During the Coronavirus Crisis, NLS became very concerned with households with no water because of shutoffs by the Buffalo Water Authority, especially households with children who we not allowed to attend school.  NLS worked with PUSH Buffalo and the Western New York Law Center to address this issue.

The Buffalo News  (03/04/2020)

Buffalo News story on the alarming eviction rates in Buffalo.  NLS is working with the Partnership for the Public Good and PUSH Buffalo to address this issue.  NLS represented Margaret Cameron, the tenant quoted in the article.

Evergreen Health Services (02/13/2020)

Blog post about HELP Legal Services, a grant-funded program in partnership between NLS and Evergreen Health.  NLS attorneys provide free civil legal services to patients of Evergreen Health from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday and by appointment on Friday at 206 S. Elmwood Avenue located in the Harm Reduction Center and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at 3297 Bailey Avenue.

The Buffalo News (02/04/2020)

Buffalo News story on five lawsuits filed by NLS alleging discrimination on the basis of income.

WBFO (02/01/2020)

WBFO story on five lawsuits filed by NLS alleging discrimination on the basis of income.  

WBFO (01/28/2020)

Attorney Karen Welch explains the United State Supreme Court ruling allowing new rules on immigrants and the use of public benefits while the matter is litigated in the lower courts.


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