Community Needs Survey

Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.

2022-2023 Community Needs Assessment Survey 

Neighborhood Legal Services is currently conducting its 2022-2023 Community Needs Assessment Survey. The purpose of the survey is to obtain input from clients, the community, legal organizations and the courts to help us to better understand our clients’ most important legal problems and needs, to establish our priorities and to decide how best to spend our financial resources. We are distributing the survey to a broad base of individuals and groups including our clients, board, staff, community organizations, bar association leaders and the courts.

We feel strongly that our current Community Needs Assessment survey, like in the past, should be available to as many persons as possible, including our non-English speaking clients and community throughout Western New York. We know that good survey results should be representation of as large population of persons that we can reach.

Our survey has been translated to the most common languages utilized by members of our community. The languages are:

  1. Spanish  Click here for Spanish translation of survey
  2. Arabic    Click here for Arabic translation of survey
  3. Karen  Click here for Karen translation of survey
  4. Burmese  Click here for Burmese translation of survey
  5. Bengali  Click here for Bengali translation of survey
  6. Somali  Click here for Somali translation of survey
  7. Swahili  Click here for Swahili translation of survey
  8. English  Click here for English translation of survey

The survey, in a pdf fillable format, is attached in English and each of the above languages. We are inviting clients, representatives, advocates and the public to complete and email all completed surveys to by February 15, 2023.

Thank you.