WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT EVICTIONS IN NEW YORK STATE The following information is current as of May 6, 2021. THE NYS EVICTION MORATORIUM WAS EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31ST! In NYS, most tenants CANNOT be put out of their homes before AUGUST 31, 2021 even if they owe rent. To be protected by this law, you Continue reading

NLS Navigator Program Helps Clients Who Need Health Insurance

Neighborhood Legal Service’s Navigators provide one-on-one assistance to families and individuals seeking to enroll in health insurance through the NYSoH Marketplace (New York Health Benefit Exchange). NLS Navigators provide education about the different types of health insurance plans offered through the marketplace and assist with enrollment into both public insurance programs and private qualified health

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New York Expands Eligibility for SNAP Program to Some Students

Students attending SUNY, CUNY, comprehensive, technical, Educational Opportunity Centers, or community college (in a CTE qualifying program) at least half time and who are otherwise eligible can now receive SNAP benefits without meeting additional criteria such as working at least 20 hours per week or caring for a child. Students can apply at https://www.mybenefits.ny.gov/mybenefits/begin. If

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