Are you having housing problems or problems with your landlord? Are you facing eviction, homelessness or discrimination? Is your apartment in bad condition, or does it lack heat? We will also explain how you can request our help.


  • You can’t pay the rent and need emergency assistance.
  • Your landlord is evicting you.
  • You don’t have heat or hot water.
  • You have been the victim of discrimination.
  • Your apartment has unsafe conditions.
  • You need help with public or subsidized housing.
  • Your landlord locked you out.
  • Your landlord will not let you have a service or emotional support animal.
  • You are the victim of domestic violence.
  • You are homeless and have no place to stay.
  • Your landlord won’t return your security deposit.

More people ask for our help than we can serve.  We have created information sheets that you may find helpful.  The information sheets cover areas where our clients frequently have questions.  In some cases, the information sheets provide suggestions on how you can help yourself.  To see a list of the information sheets, click the button below.

Need help with one of the issues on this page? Click the button below to see if Neighborhood Legal Services can help you.

Housing Conditions Training Series:  A five-session training series about tenants’ rights to obtain repairs for unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions (supported by the Kresge Foundation).   This video series provides information, resources and tools to empower tenants and advocates to improve housing conditions and increase housing stability in the city of Buffalo.

All the videos contain COVID-19 updates that were timely at the time of recording but may no longer contain accurate information. For current information about COVID-19, please click here.

Housing Conditions 101: We provide a basic overview of how tenants can address unsafe and unhealthy conditions in their homes.  We cover the risks associated with the different approaches.

Repair and Deduct: We provide an overview of when tenants might consider making repairs to unsafe or unhealthy conditions and deducting the expense for doing so from their rent.  We cover the risks associated with doing so.

Withholding the rent: We provide an overview of when a tenant might consider withholding rent due to unsafe or unhealthy conditions.  We cover the risks associated with doing so.

What Happens in Court: We provide an overview of how tenants can use warranty of habitability as a defense or affirmative claim in court.

Inspections: We provide an overview of how to contact and collect documentation from county and city inspectors.  We cover the inspection process and Housing Quality Standards for Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) recipients.


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