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Attorney General Letitia James Delivers Justice for Tenants Against Niagara Falls Landlords After Receiving Referral From NLS

Attorney General James has put a stop to Nicholas and Sharon George. Together, the Georges own dozens of dilapidated rental properties across Niagara Falls that are in severe disrepair and pose a danger to the health and safety of tenants. Their properties have countless violations and complaints across various government agencies, many of which are still unresolved and remain open. They have agreed to sell their properties to an entity or entities that have an interest in restoring and preserving the apartments and enacting a long-term management plan to properly maintain the residences.  To read the Buffalo News story, click here.  The view the story by Al Vaughters, Channel 4, click here.

Matthew Finamore, staff attorney, Neighborhood Legal Services, has had many cases involving the Georges.  Matthew asked that the Attorney General become involved and cooperated with the Attorney General’s investigation.  Congratulations Matthew on your great work!