Western New York Coalition Pooled Trusts

The WNY Coalition Pooled Trust (WNYCPT) is a collaboration between Center for Elder Law & Justice, People Inc., and Key Bank. It has become a valuable resource for individuals with disabilities in the community. Members of the trust deposit funds into the trust to protect their government benefits. The trust can be used to purchase additional items and services not adequately covered by governmental benefits. The WNYCPT enhances the quality of life for individuals with disabling conditions and often provides a means for people to stay in their homes and avoid the high cost of institutional care.
A trust might be a good option for you if you are disabled and:

  • Receive an inheritance
  • Receive or are about to receive a personal injury settlement
  • Live in the community and receive community Medicaid and cannot pay your bills
  • Have no income and your assets make you ineligible for cash assistance.

Call the WNYCPT at 1-866-362-5081 or visit the website at www.wnypooledtrust.org to get more information and see if you qualify for the trust.

Protects Government Benefits

Helps Individuals

Remain in the Community with Quality Care

Professionally Administered

Low Fees and No Minimum Deposit


In general, individuals receiving public benefits are restricted to certain income and resource levels, depending on the particular public benefits program. Access to income and/or resources over those levels can result in a loss of benefits for each month those funds are deemed to be “available.” However, individuals with disabling conditions in certain public benefit programs have the option to deposit income and/or assets into our Pooled Supplemental Needs Trust, and, once done, those funds become exempt. The trustees oversee the assets and all distributions from the trust.

Can a friend or family member utilize the trust to set aside funds for a loved one?

Yes, the trust can be used by family or friends for future planning; however, the individual who will benefit from the trust must be disabled.

Are there fees to use the trust?

There are minimal fees associated with the trust that are used to pay for the administrative costs of administering the trust. You can get more information about the fees applicable to your individual situation by calling 1-866-362-5081.

Is the money deposited into the trust counted as a resource?

No, the money in the trust is exempt for both Medicaid and Social Security.

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