Health & Economic Security

Are you having problems with paying your rent, utilities or buying food? Do you have a place to stay tonight? Do you need health insurance? Are you having a problems paying for medical bills? Are your loans in default? Do you need help with the Department of Social Services? Are you having a problem with Medicaid or Medicare? These are just a few of the areas in which we might be able to help. Click here for a full list. We will also explain how you can request our help.

We may be able to help you with problems like:

Economic Security

  • You’re having problems with the Department of Social Services.
  • You need help paying rent, utilities or buying food.
  • You need a place to stay tonight.
  • You need furniture, appliances or help with moving and storage.
  • You need help with a security deposit?
  • You’re having trouble paying your student loans or are your loans in default.
  • You need information on how to get help from the Department of Social Services.


  • You want information on Medicaid, Medicare or private health insurance.
  • You need Medicaid or other health insurance.
  • Your application for Medicaid was denied, or your Medicaid was discontinued.
  • You’re having trouble paying for your prescriptions or other health need.
  • You have medical bills that you cannot afford to pay.
  • Your health insurance denied your request for help including, for example,
    • Medical equipment,
    • Personal care aide,
    • Therapy
  • Medicaid or Medicare reduced a service you were receiving.


More people ask for our help than we can serve.  We have created information sheets that you may find helpful.  The information sheets cover areas where our clients frequently have questions.  In some cases, the information sheets provide suggestions on how you can help yourself.  To see a list of the information sheets, click here.


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