Medicaid Letters: Reduction of CASA Services

What happens when CASA services are reduced?

 A reduction in CASA services is usually made through an agreement between a nurse, your caseworker, and your doctor. When a decision is made to reduce your services, you will receive a letter giving you 10 days’ notice and explaining the reason for reducing your services.

     If your services are reduced and you did not first receive notice, call your CASA caseworker. Tell your caseworker you are requesting a Fair Hearing; then call our office.

What if I disagree with the reduction?

 Fill out the Fair Hearing Request form attached to the notice of reduction of services. In order to protect yourself from having your services reduced before a Fair Hearing decision is made, you must send in this form within 10 days of the date of the notice.

 Then call our office and we will review the reduction with you. We will tell you how to challenge it, or we may agree to take your case.

 If you are over 60 years of age, Legal Services for the Elderly may help you prepare for your Fair Hearing. Their number is 853-3087.

What if I am unable to attend the Fair Hearing?

  If you are unable to attend the Fair Hearing, you have several options.

     (1) If transportation is a problem, you can request that special transportation arrangements be made for you.

     (2) You may appoint someone who knows your situation to appear for you. This person must have written authorization from you and a letter from your doctor stating that you cannot travel.

     (3) You can request a home hearing. If you request a home hearing, the agency can either decide in your favor or have a hearing by means of a speaker phone. If the agency does not plan to decide in your favor, you are entitled to a home hearing.

 If the agency refuses to reverse their decision or to schedule a home hearing, call our office.


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